Following in my dad's footsteps
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Following in my dad's footsteps

My dad and all his brothers are in the building trades, and I always knew I wanted to have a job like them. I can't imagine staying inside all day and slaving away in front of a computer screen. As soon as I could I started on my apprenticeship so I could get qualified and start earning the big bucks. I am going to be a roofer like dad, and maybe I'll take over his business one day. It's a slog getting through your apprenticeship, but I can see how dad has turned out, and it makes all seem worthwhile. I want to follow in his footsteps.

Following in my dad's footsteps

4 Top Reasons to Consider Training for an HR Driving License

Jordan Bailey

Learning how to drive a regular vehicle is a life skill you need. With a license, you experience convenience when moving from one place to another. On the other hand, you can choose to improve on your primary skill and get a license to operate a heavy commercial vehicle. A heavy rigid driving license is a certification you need to qualify as a truck driver. Before acquiring the HR, the transportation authority needs to perform tests to ascertain whether you are fit. Here are the top reasons to get an HR license

Good for your CV

Professional truck driving is one of the fields that are always understaffed. It means you are almost always assured of open job opportunities when you train as a truck driver. The HR license is an added advantage because it sets you apart from others driving a commercial truck. You will have an easier time rising through the ranks and getting to the administrative levels when you get the license. Therefore, taking time for the test and certification is a perfect way to make yourself an appealing candidate for the jobs in the marketplace. 

A Travel Opportunity

Many people would like a job that allows them to travel around the country and meet people from different places. However, travel is expensive and most regular jobs require you to be in the office for eight hours or more. Trucking is one of the few careers where the job is traversing the country and enjoying all its beauty. The experience of getting paid to travel and enjoy the scenery while delivering goods for the client makes the HR license a worthy investment. 

Good Salaries

The ultimate goal of entering any field of work is to get enough money to support yourself and your family. Because of the scarcity of truck drivers in the country, it has become one of the lucrative job types for people with mid-level skills for the marketplace. The HR license puts you ahead of the competition and ensures you earn a decent annual salary. 

Better Job Security

It is also good to think of getting the license as a way to boost your job security. Employers and fleet owners are sensitive about the training and qualifications of their employees. They pick those with the highest qualifications and retain them over the years.

These are some benefits you get from getting a heavy rigid license. Visit a trusted driving school offering the course and certification, and get the training needed for the document.