Following in my dad's footsteps
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Following in my dad's footsteps

My dad and all his brothers are in the building trades, and I always knew I wanted to have a job like them. I can't imagine staying inside all day and slaving away in front of a computer screen. As soon as I could I started on my apprenticeship so I could get qualified and start earning the big bucks. I am going to be a roofer like dad, and maybe I'll take over his business one day. It's a slog getting through your apprenticeship, but I can see how dad has turned out, and it makes all seem worthwhile. I want to follow in his footsteps.

Following in my dad's footsteps

Key Outcomes that Drivers Should Expect from a Multi-Combination Course

Jordan Bailey

Just because you know how to drive a car does not qualify you to operate a multi-combination truck. The machines are different from other trucks in as far as operation and maneuverability go. A multi-combination truck license is considered the highest level of heavy vehicle license in Australia; therefore, one must undergo thorough training to get the permit. An MC course makes this possible since it introduces drivers to the nitty-gritty of operating a multi-combination truck. However, drivers need to know what to expect from an MC course before enrolling, and this article provides insight in this regard.

Work in a Variety of Industries 

One key outcome that a driver can expect from taking an MC course is the opportunity to work in different industries. See, Australia's unemployment rate surged to an all-time high of 7.1%. Therefore, it will be challenging to get a job, mainly if your skills are limited to a single industry. Since an MC course equips you with all the skills you need to operate a multi-combination truck, it opens up several employment avenues. For instance, a driver holding an MC license can work in a construction firm, a logistics firm, as a bus driver, and at the port, among other places. The license gives you a much better chance of getting employed compared to other people.

Legally Operate a Heavy Vehicle 

Enrolling in an MC course costs money, and with unemployment at an all-time high, some people might opt to learn how to operate an MC truck from a proxy. While you might learn all you need from an experienced driver and get a job from some small construction or logistics company, it is illegal to operate such a vehicle without a valid license. Additionally, operating an MC truck without a license excludes you from possible insurance cover should you be involved in an accident. For this reason, an MC course allows you to operate a multi-combination truck legally.

Coupling and Uncoupling Trailers 

Your ability to drive a multi-combination truck is not restricted to the driver's seat. A lot more goes into the training course other than learning how to brake, reverse in a site full of obstacles, or calculate the right speed based on the truck and load weight. Besides, coupling and uncoupling trailers are vital skills that multi-combination truck drivers must know since it prepares them well for any eventualities, especially when on transit. For instance, if the trailer of a multi-combination truck catches fire, you should uncouple it to save the cabin from burning.

For more information on MC courses, reach out to a local trade school.