Following in my dad's footsteps
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Following in my dad's footsteps

My dad and all his brothers are in the building trades, and I always knew I wanted to have a job like them. I can't imagine staying inside all day and slaving away in front of a computer screen. As soon as I could I started on my apprenticeship so I could get qualified and start earning the big bucks. I am going to be a roofer like dad, and maybe I'll take over his business one day. It's a slog getting through your apprenticeship, but I can see how dad has turned out, and it makes all seem worthwhile. I want to follow in his footsteps.

Following in my dad's footsteps

Important Questions to Ask About Heavy Rigid Training

Jordan Bailey

When you want to drive any type of vehicle that is larger than a standard car or pickup truck, you're of course going to need a special license that you only get after a certain training class. There are various forms of licenses available for Australian drivers who want to drive heavy-duty trucks and buses, and one is a heavy rigid or HR license. Note a few questions you might want to ask about this training and the class itself so you know it's the right one for you and are sure to schedule it as needed without overlooking any details.

Why are classes scheduled erratically?

You may note that many training facilities schedule classes erratically; this is often because the training is done with the Department of Transportation, and it needs to be scheduled when they have instructors and inspectors available. This also means it's very important for you to schedule a class when it's available—don't assume that you can simply sign up for one next month or in a few weeks, as they may not be offered as often as you assume. Join one as soon as your schedule allows.

What if extra training is needed?

Even when you go through a training course, you may still need added training to really learn some aspects of driving a large, heavy-rigid vehicle. It's always good to ask if there is extra training available; usually you can get this training after the course itself but for an added fee. It may be worth that extra charge, however, if it means more time one-on-one with an instructor and a better chance at passing the test you need to take in order to actually get your license, but be sure you know of these fees and if this additional instruction is available.

What if you already have experience driving a heavy truck?

In some cases, classes may allow you to take a road test if you have experience driving a heavy truck already. Your experience and the ability to pass a road test can mean saving many hours of instruction and may also mean less cost for your class overall. This isn't always the case, as some classes and instructors prefer to ensure that all students have the basics of driving a heavy rigid truck no matter their experience, so it's good to ask about this ahead of time if you already have a commercial license or are experienced with any larger, heavy-duty vehicle.