Following in my dad's footsteps
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Following in my dad's footsteps

My dad and all his brothers are in the building trades, and I always knew I wanted to have a job like them. I can't imagine staying inside all day and slaving away in front of a computer screen. As soon as I could I started on my apprenticeship so I could get qualified and start earning the big bucks. I am going to be a roofer like dad, and maybe I'll take over his business one day. It's a slog getting through your apprenticeship, but I can see how dad has turned out, and it makes all seem worthwhile. I want to follow in his footsteps.

Following in my dad's footsteps

Three Potential Penalties for Heavy Vehicle Traffic Offences

Jordan Bailey

There are numerous elements of heavy vehicle legislation that you must learn when going through truck license training. One of these important aspects is traffic offences and the potential penalties. As a professional driver, you will be exposed to more scrutiny because heavy vehicles can cause more damage during an accident compared to simple passenger cars. When you are accused of a traffic offence and are found guilty, there are different penalties that can be imposed. The decision will depend on your offence record and the gravity of the pertinent incident. Here are the main categories of penalties for traffic offences committed when driving a heavy vehicle.

Infringeable Offence Penalty

When you commit a traffic offence in a heavy vehicle and are issued with an infringement notice, you will have to deal with an infringeable offence penalty. Basically, an infringement notice is a document that outlines the details of your alleged crime, which is typically a strict liability offence. It will also detail the required fine for the offence and the due date for the payment. Generally, when this type of infringement notice is issued, it is prudent to deal with the fine immediately to avoid further legal problems due to non-compliance.

However, if you feel that you did not commit the traffic offence, the infringement notice offers the option to take the issue to court. Infringeable offence penalties are reserved for minor and straightforward incidents. For example, as a truck driver, you will be issued with the notice for running red lights, failing to strap on the seatbelt, using or generally handling your mobile phone when on the road and breaching other similar traffic rules.

Court-Imposed Penalty

The court-imposed penalty is reserved for more serious traffic offences in the heavy vehicle and haulage trucks sector. These offences are not infringeable, so the court will be involved in settling the issues. The exact penalty will depend on the consequences of the offence and your driving history. There are some court-imposed penalties that will attract only fines. Such offences are more serious than infringeable ones but cannot result in imprisonment. For example, driving unsafe trucks, failing to stop for police and general careless driving are fine-only offences. More serious offences like drunk driving or careless driving resulting in injury can result in imprisonment.

Demerit Points

Finally, your license will still be subject to the demerit point system after receiving your heavy vehicle training. The threshold on a professional unrestricted license is thirteen points, and beyond this you will be suspended from driving.